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Technical Support

Technical support is available for KwikTag customers with a current Support Agreement business days between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. Please see the chat window on the Customer Supportal login page, or call 1-877-KWIK-111 (1-877-594-5111). We encourage you to email at anytime and we will contact you during our support hours.

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Technical FAQ’s

Important Technical Bulletin: KwikTag Version 4.6.5 or Above Required for GP 2010 or Above

When your customer is considering an upgrade to GP 2010 or R2, it is important to be aware that only KwikTag versions 4.6.5 and above are tested and certified with GP 2010 and higher, meaning that earlier versions of KwikTag will not operate with GP 2010 and R2.

Please contact ImageTag Customer Care at to learn more and discuss upgrade options from your customer’s current KwikTag version.

All customers are being notified via email with information about their upgrade path.

Technical Support and FOB and XPO Files

For technical or upgrade support, and to receive FOB and XPO files, please contact KwikTag Customer Support at , 1-877-KWIK111 (594-5111), or by accessing the live chat on the Express Support page.

NAV FOB File Refactoring

In T3, FOB files have been refactored to improve deployment by removing the repetitive

code merges for install and upgrades. We are working on other improvements to the KwikTag NAV-embedded client, and welcome your input at anytime.

The new FOB configuration includes 3 lines of code to handle the KwikTag button click event on each form, and a single code unit that is called on button click. Future upgrades will only require the single FOB code unit merge. The upgrade will require a one-time transition by removing the old code on each form and inserting the new 3 line event handler code in its place.

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