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KwikTag Document Management makes it easy to digitally store, search, find and share documents across your entire organization. KwikTag Document Management solutions provide a web-based platform that integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, or can stand alone. Select KwikTag platforms are available in the cloud. Find the right solution for your business, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

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Start Your Digital Transformation with KwikTag Document Management

Save time and go paperless with digital documents integrated with your Dynamics ERP system. Take control of your organization and put important information in the hands of your employees with KwikTag Document Management.

KwikTag Document Management is as easy as uploading paper documents (via scanner or email upload) into the system, where KwikTag automatically associates them with the correct Dynamics transaction, and stores the transaction field level data for user access. The KwikTag platform supports any file type and intelligently relates all documents in your process for complete end-to-end visibility.

As a standalone document management solution, or integrated with your Dynamics ERP system, you’ll save time by having access to any document, related to any department, whenever and wherever you need it.

Document Management for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Suite

Dynamics GP


Dynamics 365 Business Central

D365 Business

Dynamics 365 Finance


KwikTag Document Management for Business Central and D365 Finance are certified and available in the Microsoft AppSource


Gain Visibility and Control Over
Your Documents

If your documents are sitting somewhere in your office building, locked away in a filing cabinet, access to them while in the office is a nightmare. It’s even worse if your employees find themselves working from home. Access to critical documentation is crucial for business continuity, now and later.

With KwikTag, you can email, scan, upload, or drag-and-drop any document or file into a central, secure document management system. KwikTag boasts the powerful ability to search, retrieve, and share documents in or outside of KwikTag, based on specific search criteria. This simplifies the hunt for document content or transaction field data. Your documents will no longer be lost in your ERP system, or worse, stuck in a file cabinet in the back corner of the office.

KwikTag Document Management Helps Your Business Go Digital


Any Document

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KwikTag Anywhere Enterprise-Wide Document Management

KwikTag Anywhere is a stand-alone, enterprise-wide document management system that scales as your business grows. KwikTag Anywhere gives you the capability to digitize any file, paper or electronic, and gives you a 360-degree view of all relevant documents.

The KwikTag Anywhere document management system can be used for all documents in any department or process that needs digital access, such as finance, contracts, Human Resources, etc.

KwikTag Anywhere is available as an on-premises or cloud-based document management system.

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