Next Generation
AI-powered OCR

KwikTag Sypht is an AI-powered OCR solution that delivers instant text recognition and automates data extraction from many document types with our open, developer-friendly API.

With its advanced machine learning, there are no templates or setup required. A confidence value is returned on all extracted fields, flagging areas for human review when needed.

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Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)
Goes Way Beyond OCR

Unlike traditional template-based OCR solutions, Sypht extracts data using the latest machine learning to quickly and accurately interpret key data across a variety of complex document formats. This allows Sypht to work with documents it has never seen before, resulting in an efficient and cost-effective solution across a variety of financial industries and use cases.

Sypht AI-based data signals extend the value even further. Once data is extracted from invoices, receipts, insurance claim forms, etc., operational signals can detect issues such as duplicates, spend outliers, and fraud risk. Whether you use Sypht pre-built AI-based OCR modules or our developer-friendly API, you will gain insight and confidence levels of the extracted data.

Intelligent Data Capture
Built for Developers, by Developers

Sypht offers an open API for use with your applications, as well as pre-built low-code models available for multiple use cases. Sypht identifies and extracts document data, spot errors and key business signals at the point of data capture, resulting in accurate data being sent through to your business applications.

  • Developer Guides – Guided tours of API Keys, Libraries, Workflows and running predictions
  • API Documentation – Our API provides RESTful interface for platform features with standards-based OAuth authentication and TLS
  • Code Libraries – Open-source client libraries, sample code and research for different platforms and programming languages
  • Secure and Scalable – Access to open API for integration into any stack

How AI-Powered OCR Works

documents directly and securely into Sypht

your solution with Sypht AI products, API, and add-ons

data and receive
ready-to-use JSON result

insights and trends
within your data

extracted data, signals and insights into your ecosystem

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Plans and Pricing

Usage-based pricing scales to meet your needs

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Sypht AI OCR Products

Sypht AI-powered products available:

Invoice data extraction model

Receipt data extraction model

NDIS claim data extraction model

Platform and API access included with all models


Per document to start plus $9/monthly fee

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Sypht Add-Ons

Enhance your intelligent data extraction with these extras:

Automated AI workflows

Operational risk signals

Human-in-the-loop review

Tailor your AI-powered OCR for your business application

Pricing varies based on add-on

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