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In about five days, you can enjoy 90-percent lower document-processing costs with KwikTag for SL. See how KwikTag for SL is your solution for simpler payables transactions and record keeping.

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Enhance Your Dynamics SL Experience with KwikTag

KwikTag for Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers instant access to scanned or electronic files. From within Dynamics SL or KwikTag online, even non-SL users can find any document, whenever they need it. Beyond document capture, KwikTag can automate any business process.

SL Integration
Add and view documents from 35+ standard SL forms
Document Capture
Manage paper and electronic documents in 1 system
Access for Everyone
Provide ERP or non-ERP users with document access
Increase Productivity
Stop chasing or filing paper; start with digital documents
Search and Find
Find any document in KwikTag or SL with global keyword search

Why People Choose KwikTag

We’ve been extremely happy with the KwikTag product. It’s really achieved all the goals we set out to accomplish and has been a great experience!

KwikTag is a great product that is mission critcal to our company.

Upgrade your document management to KTX for SL


Department Manager

View any document for any department


Mobile Approver

Approve documents from your mobile device


SL Professional User

Enter data quickly using a SL-friendly interface


Accounts Payable Automation with KwikPayables

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Take the Hassle out of Expenses with KwikExpense

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  • Government
  • Distribution/Supply
  • Restaurant/Retail

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