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Inside D365 Finance

KwikTag for D365 Finance is the strongest document management system that allows users to easily capture documents and related content for transactions in D365. See how KwikTag for D365 Finance is your solution for going digital with your accounting-related documents and their transaction data.

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Enhance Your Dynamics D365 Finance Experience with KwikTag

KwikTag for Microsoft D365 Finance delivers instant access to scanned or electronic files. D365 and KwikTag are seamlessly integrated for ease of document access and is user-friendly, so even non-D365 users can find and access documents.

D365 Integration
Add and view documents from 60+ standard D365 pages
Reduce Cost
Recover the $125 per document you spend locating and retrieving lost documents
Save Time
Give your employees back the 30% of their time spent searching for lost documents
Increase Productivity
Improve your team’s efficiency and accuracy by going digital
Improve Visibility
Gain control of your business processes with digital documentation

Why People Choose KwikTag

With KwikTag, we are now able to store our A/P and A/R documentation directly from our Dynamics system. We are saving a tremendous amount of time, money and resources.

KwikTag provides easy access to documentation for our controller, accounting supervisor and project accountant.

Document Management for D365 Finance

Capture From D365 Finance

“Tag” paper documents and scan them into the system; KwikTag automatically associates them with the correct D365 transaction, and stores the transaction field level data in KwikTag for D365 and/or non-D365 user access.

Speed of Access

Powerful ability to search, retrieve, and share documents in or out of D365, based on search criteria, to simplify the hunt for document content or transaction field data, without inconvenience to IT staff.


A unique KwikTag feature designed to allow users to attach documents to a transaction and see related content as a transaction moves through its lifecycle, eliminating the need to manually “link” documents.

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