Working From Home in 2020

How the Pandemic Has Made Digital Transformation A Necessity

In light of recent events, it has become glaringly obvious that a vast majority of companies are not prepared to digitally transform their places of work to remote environments, in order to continue efficient operations.

While the ability to work from home is a benefit many employees and businesses value, a shocking number of businesses lack the technological infrastructure to offer that (now necessary) capability. For many who are currently attempting to go digital, they are finding that they have to make sacrifices and significantly alter their usual business processes. On another level, some companies have no choice other than to continue to operate as business as usual—going into the office and working normally. The truth is that most companies still rely on a core business platform, hosted on the corporate network, with key supporting documents and content also hosted on a network file server.

The concept of digital transformation is something that has been around for several years, but it has become more important than ever that companies be prepared and willing to go digital. Workplaces need to be geared towards flexibility, collaboration and connectivity. The bottom line is that providing stable, secure, and easy access to your company’s core processes and collaboration tools is essential. Even beyond extenuating circumstances, businesses should be supported by technologies that allow their employees access to streamline their work.

One of the biggest misconceptions about digital transformation is that it’s messy, complicated and intimidating. It doesn’t have to be.

The basics of digital transformation begin with document and content management.

If your documents are sitting somewhere in your office building, locked away in a filing cabinet, access to them while in the office is a nightmare. It’s even worse if your employees find themselves working from home. Access to critical documentation is crucial for business continuity, now and later. Imagine the luxury of being able to pull up a document whenever you may need it, no matter where you are! Managing paper is expensive and inefficient.

Here are a few key data points to consider:

  • File cabinets cost more than $20,000 to fill and approximately $2,000 to maintain each year
  • Typical employees, especially those on back-office teams like finance, spend as much as 50% of every day looking for documents
  • The $50 box of paper costs 10-15 time that in reality because of the number of copies, scans and forwards, creating multiple copies but no single version that is accessible by everyone
  • The cost to find a lost document is roughly $125 and the cost to replace it is about $225

It’s time to get rid of the paper, and the associated costs, and manage your documents digitally.

KwikTag offers document management solutions that can stand alone or integrate directly with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Whether you need a stand-alone, web-based document management system, or a solution to automate documents and date related to  your Microsoft Dynamics ERP transactions, KwikTag is the only solution you need.

With KwikTag, you can email, scan, upload, or drag-and-drop any document or file into a central, secure document management system. KwikTag boasts the powerful ability to search, retrieve, and share documents in or outside of KwikTag, based on specific search criteria. This simplifies the hunt for document content or transaction field data. Your documents will no longer be lost in your ERP system, or worse, stuck in a file cabinet in the back corner of the office.

KwikTag is as easy as “tagging” paper documents and scanning them into the system, where KwikTag automatically associates them with the correct Dynamics transaction, and stores the transaction field level data for user access. The KwikTag platform supports any file type and intelligently relates all documents in your process for complete end-to-end visibility.

The KwikTag platform can be managed on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

Cloud-based document management means that your platform will be hosted, deployed, and managed by KwikTag. All of your documents and their related data will now be hosted and stored in the cloud, rather than in an on-site server that you maintain. KwikTag Cloud document management is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance, and Dynamics GP. It can also be implemented as a standalone solution, KwikTag Anywhere.

KwikTag Cloud is a form of modern document management designed to make information more accessible from anywhere, making it easier than ever to share information in real-time and allowing for increased team collaboration and efficiency. It makes working in the office, or working from home, easier than ever before.

With KwikTag Cloud, your team will be up and running with expansive digital access in days instead of weeks, or months. Your IT staff will immediately be able to focus on high priority items instead of infrastructure maintenance tasks. Cloud-based document management also supports and encourages your business growth and stability. Your content will be safe and secure, and it will be instantly accessible to everyone who needs it.

Don’t be caught unprepared. Go digital. Do it with KwikTag Cloud.


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