What’s New With KwikTag?

KwikTag Version 8 Improvements | Document Management for D365 Finance

KwikTag has been very busy the last few months preparing new and exemplary products for our customers (that’s you!) to enjoy.

Here’s everything we’ve been up to:


KwikExpense Mobile Client Improvements

The KwikExpense mobile client is now available for all current KwikExpense users. Expense receipt capture while on the go is now easier than ever with the new mobile app.


KwikPayables Enhancement

The KwikPayables solution has been enhanced to support end-to-end purchase order related invoices, with 3-way matching of the purchase order, receiving transaction and invoice documents and data. The invoice approval process is simple and fast, with all of the related documents stored in KwikTag.

There’s more!


ktX New Release Features

The KwikTag web client, ktX, is now available with new features. A redesigned user interface has been tailored to streamline the experience as you capture, find, and share documents. We have also added a search bar to every ktX screen and module view, allowing KwikTag users to perform keyword searches across all meta-data in the KwikTag viewer.

KwikTag now supports the ability to automatically delegate your tasks to the user of your choice if you are away (i.e. vacation). After the KwikTag Administrator makes this feature available, users are able to set themselves to “Auto Delegation” mode and choose a delegate of their choice; new Tasks will then be assigned to the delegate. Auto Delegation only takes effect on Tasks that are assigned AFTER the user turns on Auto Delegation. It will continue to function until the user (or administrator) turns it off. Now, you can go on vacation and not have to think about work; enjoy your free time for once!

In ktX Drawers, multiple documents can be selected and their field values can be edited. The maximum amount of editable documents at one time can be set by the administrator.

The Retain Entries feature is now available in ktX Drawers. When Retain Entries is on, the data from the previously “tagged” document populates automatically into the next tagged and uploaded document. This is designed to save time when tagging many documents with common field values.

The ktX login page now also features a “forgot password” link, which will direct them to a page where they can enter the email address associated with their KwikTag User Account. An email will be sent with a link where they can reset their password; by default, the link expires after 30 minutes.

Download the PDF here for all the specifics, including system requirements.

And, drum roll please…

KwikTag content management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is now available!

KwikTag for D365 Finance is the strongest document management system that allows users to easily capture documents and related content for transactions in D365. D365 and KwikTag are seamlessly integrated for ease of document access and is user-friendly, so even non-D365 users can find and access documents.

KwikTag for D365 boasts the powerful ability to search, retrieve, and share documents in or out of D365 based on customizable search criteria. We’ve also re-introduced a unique feature called KwikTag Intelliview™, which allows users to attach documents to a transaction, and then KwikTag automatically links related documents throughout a transaction lifecycle. This eliminates the need to manually “link” documents.

Read the full blog post on D365 Finance here.

Download the brochure here.

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