What’s New With KwikTag?

Updates and Improvements to KwikTag Version 9, Including ktIQ

This is it. This is the release that will change the way you think about accounts payable automation.

KwikTag version 9.0 is now generally available, and it includes some significant enhancements, and a new module, for the KwikPayables for GP solution. Read on to find out what’s new, why it’s so cool and most importantly, how it will help you.

Our release cycle typically includes a major release approximately every 12-18 months, with minor releases as needed. Let’s take a quick look back for a refresher on a few key features that were added in prior releases:

  • Multiple file upload in ktX when using KwikTag document management
  • Edit fields for multiple documents at the same time in ktX when using KwikTag document management
  • Auto-delegation of tasks in ktX when using KwikPayables
  • The mobile app to submit receipts when using KwikExpense

KwikTag 9.0

All of the above enhancements were based on market and customer feedback. The release of KwikTag 9.0 is no different. It is filled with updates that our customers and partners have requested and provided input on throughout the release process. Many of the major enhancements in this release are focused on support for new functionality in KwikPayables for GP, our AP automation solution that integrates with Dynamics GP.

In addition to the features and enhancements, a new intelligent OCR module is available that will further streamline and accelerate your invoice workflow processes. KwikPayables now supports the processing of any invoice type – purchase-order related or standard payables invoices. The new module is called ktIQ and it is truly the next generation of invoice data capture to make invoice indexing faster and easier than you can imagine, with exceptional data accuracy as well.


ktIQ is an intelligent, data extraction module that combines OCR technology with artificial intelligence and a real-time connection to Dynamics GP. It functions as an add-on module designed to work specifically with KwikPayables to capture key field data from P.O.-based invoices and non-P.O. invoices, automatically populating that data right into the invoice transaction fields for indexing and verification, the first step in KwikPayables invoice  workflow process.

ktIQ reads each invoice and verifies it with Dynamics GP as it is received to determine its invoice type and sends invoices to the respective task queue based on invoice type, i.e. Enter/Match, Shipment/Invoice, or Payables Invoice.  KwikPayables leverages the data captured by ktIQ as well as a direct, real-time integration with GP to pull in other important information, such as P.O. line data, as well as Company, Vendor I.D. and GL related default data, based on the information available in GP.

ktIQ is not your traditional OCR. It is so much more powerful than that. To watch it in action, check out the video below.

While the video above shows non-P.O. invoice processing, ktIQ also functions just as seamlessly with P.O.-based Enter/Match and Shipment/Invoice processes. If you would like to see P.O.-based invoice processing with ktIQ, reach out to Michele Lewis (mlewis@enchoice.com / 480-477-3767) and she will pass that information onto you.

Please note that ktIQ is an add-on module to the KwikPayables for GP solution. There are additional software and implementation fees that accompany it.

While ktIQ is by far the coolest new enhancement, it’s not the only one.


 Shipment/Invoice (2-Way Match) Invoice Support

KwikPayables now supports Shipment/Invoice (2-Way Match) invoice processing for Dynamics GP, including support for Serial and Lot inventory assignments. Upon approval, if necessary, the Receivings Transaction Entry is automatically created into the batch you select in Dynamics GP.


 Enter/Match (3-Way Match) Invoice Support

KwikPayables now supports Enter/Match (3-Way Match) invoice processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP, including line item detail integration with GP. Upon approval, if necessary, the Enter/Match Invoice transaction is automatically created into the batch you select in Dynamics GP.

Plus, for 2-way or 3-way invoices, documents that were attached to the Purchase Order and/or Receivings Transaction Entry at their respective process steps will also be related and visible when you use the KwikTag “View Documents” display option in Dynamics GP.


 Shipment/Invoice and Enter/Match for Binary Stream (MEM)

In addition to our support for non-P.O. invoices with Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management (MEM), KwikPayables now supports Shipment/Invoice and Enter/Match invoices that integrate with MEM. If your organization has multiple entities that you manage in Dynamics GP, this solution creates complete process automation and audit trail for invoices across any of the entities, all visible in one central, secure system.



KwikExpense now features the ability to re-run a credit card statement reconciliation. For example, if a credit card statement is uploaded to KwikExpense before a credit card is entered into the system, the reconciliation process can be re-run and matched up to the card. The expense transactions will then display for the newly entered credit card.


KwikTag Document Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central

A KwikTag document indicator is embedded in the Business Central Fact Box, in addition to the KwikTag option in the home row menu navigation.. This extra indicator lets the user know if there is a document directly associated with a particular BC transaction. Documents can be viewed directly from the fact box as well.

KwikTag user credentials are now saved, so that once a user is logged into Business Central, they only have to log into KwikTag once. Any future KwikTag sessions will retain the user login details (unless the user purposefully logs out or disconnects their KwikTag session).

Check out this brief demo video to see KwikTag Document Management for Business Central in action!

KwikTag Cloud

KwikTag Cloud Document Management is now available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance, and Dynamics GP. It can also be implemented for our standalone solution, KwikTag Anywhere.

Can you believe that there’s even more great updates and enhancements included in KwikTag 9.0? Download the “What’s New with KwikTag” brochure here to learn all about them.

In case you missed it, we’ve also released KwikTag document management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We also now offer cloud hosting for select KwikTag solutions.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, you can do so here.