Top 3 Reasons that Organizations Look to Accounts Payable Automation

Don’t wait to automate A/P. Gain efficiency and ROI with KwikTag.

When companies come to KwikTag, there are three things we see as the primary drivers that cause them to look to move from a manual to an automated process.

First, the invoice volume that they are processing on a monthly basis has outgrown their current staff. They’re either planning to hire new staff or investing in an automation solution. We find that the majority of companies, once they evaluate the options, determine that it makes the most sense to automate while making their current staff more productive and less stressed.

The second big driver is that offices are being moved. The organizations growing, and they’re moving into a new building. The last thing they want to do is move file cabinets. It’s like, “We might as well cut our losses now. Start automating and let’s leave the file cabinets in the old building and start off with no file cabinets at all.”

The third, but certainly not least, is poor vendor relations. We often hear that things have gotten to the point where invoices take so long to work their way through the system, that supply chains are suffering. Vendors are mad, they’re not getting paid on a timely basis. Credit ratings are suffering and employees are stressed and frustrated because they are being held accountable for processes over which they have little or no visibility or control.

Your organization may be in, or quickly approaching, one of these categories. However, there is no need to wait. The ROI for automating your AP processes for 50% of our customers is as about 6 months or even less.

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