Three Signs it’s Time for Process Automation

Without the Manual Effort, Process Automation Accelerates Your Business

It’s no secret that many companies wait to tackle their greatest challenges until they absolutely have no choice.

Here are the top three drivers we’ve seen during our 20 years of helping companies address their document management and process automation needs. Sound familiar?

First, the volume of invoices that a company is processing in a given month has outgrown their current staff. They’re either looking to hire new people or invest in an automation solution. Once they evaluate the options and see the ROI projection, most companies decide to automate, making their current team much more productive and less stressed!

The second driver is office addition or relocation. The organization is growing, which is great, and they’re moving into a new building. The last thing they want to do move is file cabinets. They’re heavy, ugly, and take up too much space! So the decision is made, “We might as well cut our losses now. Let’s start automating and leave the file cabinets in our past.”

Certainly not least on the list of motivating factors is poor vendor relations. Things may have gotten to the point where invoices take so long to work their way through the system that supply chains are suffering. Customers are unhappy. Vendors are mad. They’re not getting paid on a timely basis. All of which causes credit ratings and business referrals to suffer.

The good news is that if your company is suffering from one of these conditions (or similar issues) you don’t have to wait for a big change to implement a solution. Visit KwikTag to investigate our solutions, talk to a process automation expert, and find out how we can solve the problems sooner than later.