Things You Never Knew About AP Automation

AP Automation improves overall employee satisfaction

At KwikTag, we understand that change can be frightening. When your business has functioned in a particular manner for decades, it can be inconceivable to consider switching to something new.

A shocking number of businesses still function on manual data entry along with hand-sorted paperwork and documentation. This business process is no longer efficient. When employees are required to sit down and sort through hundreds of copies, files, and receipts, errors are inevitable. This means documents could easily have been improperly categorized or misfiled, subsequently leading to a substantial headache for all employees and management.

Not only does AP automation improve overall employee satisfaction, it allows your company to get ahead of the digital curve and stay up to date with all of the newest technologies. If your business is seeking ways to avoid manual data entry or to speed up invoice approvals and document filing times, KwikTag is your answer.

It’s no secret that the impact of process automation is astronomical. When invoices are processed faster, your business will have funds available when they are needed instead of weeks after the proposed deadline due to lengthy processing times.

If your business already utilizes an automation system, there’s a chance that not all of your processes are integrated within your ERP system. KwikTag is your solution to that too. KwikTag offers a primary document management system that welcomes integration for any process your business needs, including expansion to other organizations. KwikTag is the ONE document management system needed for all your business’s tasks.

Watch the video below to see just how KwikTag integrates with your ERP system.

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