These Companies Got Fed Up With Broken Sales Order and Contractor Onboarding Processes

Here’s how they solved their problems…

On the surface, a New York-based lumber company and a Houston-based shipping and logistics company don’t have a lot in common. What they shared, however, was a common enemy in the form of manual, document-burdened business processes that were slowing down operations and limiting their growth potential. While both companies faced challenges unique to their own businesses, they discovered a flexible and innovative approach to overcoming bottlenecks in their processes that quickly delivered a cost-effective solution.

That solution was the KwikTag document management system, and Tailored KwikApps that were designed to automate the processes causing them the most pain.

Business process bottlenecks? There’s a KwikApps for that

In 2014, ImageTag introduced Tailored KwikApps to companies looking for an affordable, easy to implement solution for automating their business processes. This solution approach leverages the KwikTag document management platform to deliver document capture, workflow routing/approval, reporting and ERP integration. The “twist,” when it comes to KwikApps, is that the solution is flexible enough to handle any document, for any department and any business process within an organization-without custom coding or a lot of time spent on implementation/IT involvement.

Better, faster, cheaper business process automation

The vision for KwikApps isn’t much different that the “off-the-rack” approach that merchanidizers take to selling clothes today. Buyers go to a department story, try on a pair of pants that match their size and get out the door at a reasonable price. Hardly anyone these days makes their own clothes at home, or employs a tailor to make custom-fit clothing. And for good reason.
It’s the same reason that companies are turning away from home-grown software solutions or six-figure custom engineered solutions and turning to KwikApps.
Today, ImageTag offers a portfolio of pre-configured KwikApps for common business processes like accounts payable, expense management and HR applicant tracking. KwikPayables, KwikExpense and KwikHR were all designed to meet the business needs of companies who want to streamline these processes.

Any document, any department, any business process

The reality, though, is that every company has SOME process in need for further refinement, to eliminate manual steps, potential sources or error and approval/transaction bottlenecks. That’s where Tailored KwikApps come in. Tailored KwikApps begin with the same building blocks as any other KwikApp:

• Document capture and retrieval
• Document routing/approval
• Process monitoring/reporting
• Business system integration

…the difference is that Tailored KwikApps are configured to meet ANY business process challenge, as defined by the customer.

In the case of the New York-based lumber supplier, ImageTag deployed a tailored KwikApps to streamline sales order processes, taking the pain out of gathering required documents while speeding up the sales and fulfillment process. The Houston-based shipping supplier needed to replace a complex and document-heavy contractor onboarding process with something that was fast, efficient and easy to monitor and manage.
BOTH solutions required the capture and management of multiple related documents with the ability to access documents through a Web browser or through an ERP system.

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