The State of Accounts Payable

This industry research report conveys the current results from organizations across multiple industries and how they adopt automation. See how you rank.

When you are looking at your accounts payable (AP) process and know it could be improved, the most difficult part is often determining where to start. You may ask yourself, “How do we compare to other companies like ours? What is the norm? What are the trends, and how can we get out in front of them and make a difference for our organization?”

You need a targeted look at the industry, an overview of what is happening, and what direction organizations are headed. This is where PayStream Advisors and their latest report, 2017 Invoice Workflow Automation Report can help.

As a great place to start, you can download and read the report here to learn the current state of AP and how your organization compares to others. Process efficiency can actually differentiate your organization in the market. People want to do business with organizations who are financially sound and have good internal processes and controls. And those are just a couple of the benefits of AP automation.

Sadly however, many organizations are still processing paper. In fact, this chart from the PayStream report shows that nearly half of most companies still receive their invoices in paper format without an automated process.

Download the Invoice Automation Workflow Report, and then contact KwikTag for guidance in making your case for AP automation. With over 20 years of experience helping people go paperless and increasing efficiency, we have the expertise vital for you and your organization’s success. Learn how KwikTag can help with your AP automation.