The Right Prescription for Outdated Processes in the Healthcare Industry

One system can manage any healthcare document and automate any process

Healthcare is a complicated – paper process driven industry. Any why not? As medical records have transformed and security and compliance requirements have increased over time – it seemed natural to have paper documents for every service for every patient action, insurance filing and billing document.

The problem is that now the storage of and access to all of those documents is a nightmare, of epidemic proportions. Hospitals, medical centers and care facilities all face the same problems trying to manage records, lab results, patient insurance info and billing. And putting your finger on just the right form in a moment’s notice is no small task. The file cabinets are endless and it’s easy to run out of room, and patience, while searching for the documents you need.

According to an AIIM Market Intelligence Report about health care institutions, here are a few insights about their adoption of automated applications.

  • Only 7% are live with adaptive and intelligent workflows, with a further 12% experimenting. Forty-five percent are more likely to use fixed workflows, while 36% have very few computer-driven processes.
  • Of those using smart applications, 41% have achieved successful outcomes, and 52% feel the results
    are promising but it is early days. The biggest deployment issues are setting up the rules and handling
    difficult exceptions.
  • The biggest benefits cited by users are faster and more consistent customer response and faster end-to-end
    process times. The staff appreciates the flexibility, and adaptive systems make it much easier to respond
    to regulatory changes.

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