The Need for a New Process Automation Approach

Randy Eckel, CEO, ImageTag

The typical mid-market organization is different. It has reached a level of size and maturity which indicates success – yet it still maintains the cost conscious values which helped the organization survive operating as a small business. So when it comes to buying software solutions – mid-market companies have high expectations for functionality and fast deployment, while continuing to remain cost effective.

Research show a growing mid-market company needs 75% of the functionality of an enterprise solution, but at 25% of the cost, and 10% of the deployment time.

We understand the needs of the mid-market and have built an entirely new KwikTag Platform which offers 75% of the feature/function of the most expensive enterprise vendors, at 25% of the cost, and 10% of the deployment time.

The key to this strategy is that we took a Platform Approach. The KwikTag platform provides for multiple process automation solutions all running on the same system and delivered to common user experiences. When you learn one solution, you’ve learned them all.

And most importantly, the cost of solution #2 will be less than solution #1 … and solution #3 will be less expensive than solution #2. Each new solution a customer buys drives down the cost per user of our software.

We are happy to announce that we are now shipping the latest version of our KwikTag Platform v6.2 – with a fully updated suite of out of the box process automation applications:

-KwikPayables – Invoice automation for the entire accounts payable process
-KwikExpense – Automation of expense submittal, approval and credit card reconciliation
-KwikForms – Simple, easy, compliant forms automation and electronic employee filing

KwikTag has never been more powerful, more scalable, had a cleaner, more intuitive user experience or been less expensive to acquire and manage.

Check it out and I’m sure you’ll agree.