The Keys to A Successful Digital Transformation

Whitepaper Discussing Next Generation Workforce

Access to completely digital documents and visibility into invoice processes has become increasingly important, especially following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on remote workforces. It is now critical for company’s to consider implementing an accounts payable automation solution that can support business continuity, as well as provide user-friendly access anyone involved in your invoice process. Digital transformation with AP automation can prepare businesses for the changes, growth, and adaptation to the “new normal” that includes team members working from home. In fact, a study by Levvel Research shows that 54% of organizations plan to continue with some sort of work from home initiative, increasing the need for digital, automated access in many areas of the business.

Modern, intelligent AP automation solutions should provide total visibility into your AP processes, as well as improve the vision of your company’s future.

There are three imperative steps that lead to a successful digital transformation centered around AP automation:
• A centralized, secure document management platform
• Powerful integration with your chosen ERP system
• Intelligent process automation built on the above foundations

This whitepaper will explain the steps to a successful digital transformation in three simple steps: capture, integrate, automate. We will be discussing the process using the KwikTag platform as integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP as an example, but the experience is also applicable for other Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems supported by KwikTag.

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