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With KwikTag, your organization can instantly capture any document, integrate with your Dynamics ERP system and automate any business process.

Get started with A/P automation, expense management, HR forms automation, contract management or onboarding with T3 Information Systems and KwikTag. Watch the video to learn more.

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KwikTag Document Management vs. Dynamics GP Document Attach

At first glance you might think this two things are a lot alike, but they are not. Simply put, KwikTag is an automatic document management solution while the GP document attach feature is a transaction-level, manual series of steps to attach documents to records. We have outlined the differences for you to quickly compare the two.

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Enterprise Content Management Report

In today’s business environment, it is critical to manage multiple document types across many departments. Without a complete document management system in place, business decisions can be delayed, manual processes become very costly and productivity comes to a halt. Read this PayStream Advisors ECM report to learn the costs, challenges and solutions.

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Expense Management Report

Managing business expenses for professional services teams and others who travel for your organization is a time-consuming task that does nothing for your bottom line. Read this PayStream Advisors Expense Management report to learn how to increase the efficiency of your billable professionals while managing their expenses from their phone.

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eBook: Life Hacking Your Business

Paper and manual processes are costly. Error prone. Time consuming. And let’s face it – stressful! Learn the hidden costs associated with these challenges, as well as other daily distractions and inefficiencies.

See how to address them with document capture and workflow automation so you can gain visibility and control over the processes for which you are held accountable. Read the eBook Life Hacking Your Business.

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A/P Automation in GP

A/P Automation in SL

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