Survey Says: IT Sees Business Process Automation as a Top Priority

The top three roadblocks to automating routine processes may sound familiar…

In a 2014 survey conducted by PMG of over 300 IT professionals in North America, 98% of respondents cited business process automation as a “Very Vital” or “Vital” business driver in their organization. Automation, according to respondents, was lacking in many departments and processes, and a lot of inefficiencies persisted that could be rooted out by eliminating routine, manual tasks.

When it comes to actually implementing process automation, however, many IT professionals saw roadblocks in terms of how processes were managed today.

• 49% of respondents said that existing processes were not mature enough to automate
• 48% said business owners were creating their own automated solutions with non-standard or incorrect tools
• 30% said their organization was unaware of its formal business process, making it impossible

Source IT Survey
Source-PMG 2014 IT Survey

Adam Katz, Director of ImageTag’s Project Management Organization, understands the opportunities and challenges that IT professionals in the survey described.

“When customers come to us to solve a business problem, the first step is to help them step back and clearly define the existing process. The next step is to take another step back and assess what makes sense and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, it doesn’t pay to automate a process that you don’t understand,” Katz said.

For more information, see the slideshow at CIO Insight, as well as a link to the PMG survey results: