SimplyAP 101

Get started with SimplyAP for Dynamics 365 Business Central with these quick and easy steps


What is SimplyAP?

SimplyAP is an AI-based AP automation solution that delivers value beyond your ERP system, providing measurable cost and time savings. SimplyAP, the cloud AP automation solution from KwikTag, can transform your invoice process from manual to modern by automating invoice capture, purchase order matching and transaction creation in Business Central. Companies experience benefits such as 80% reduction in invoice processing costs and you can onboard your team and get started in less than a day.

Getting Started

Getting started with SimplyAP takes just three easy steps and less than 5 minutes.

  1. Download SimplyAP from Microsoft AppSource

  2. Connect SimplyAP to Business Central

  3. Set up your SimplyAP users, roles and the Business Central companies they should be able to access. User authentication via Microsoft Azure AD is supported for single sign on.


The SimplyAP navigation menu is on the left of the screen and can be collapsed or expanded to display the centralized invoice queue, administration settings and in-product help.

Within the invoice queue, invoices can be sorted by any of the header labels. A common sort action is to display the invoices based on their status:

  • New: the invoice is assigned to a general AP person/group to claim and process
  • Pending: the invoice has been claimed and submitted for review/approval
  • Ready for ERP: the invoice is approved and ready for a final AP/finance review
  • Rejected: the invoice was returned to AP/finance for updates

The “Search Invoices” bar at the top of the SimplyAP invoice queue is available to search for specific invoice based on vendor, invoice number or other criteria.

Invoice Processing

SimplyAP supports non-purchase order and 3-way purchase order invoices that create Purchasing Invoices in Business Central upon completion of the invoice workflow.

Invoices are emailed in PDF format to a standard email address that is assigned to SimplyAP. Those invoices are automatically indexed using intelligent, AI-based OCR and the header and footer fields are populated. All invoices are available in a centralized queue with visibility into the vendor, invoice type, date and ERP status, as shown in the screenshot below.

To process an invoice in SimplyAP, the user follows these steps from index through transaction creation, as described in the next three sections.

  1. Select and claim the invoice, using the “Claim” button below the invoice image
  2. Once claimed, the invoice fields are enabled to be edited, if needed. The header and footer data is populated via AI-based OCR. The line item dimensions are populated based on SimplyAP’s advanced integration with Business Central to display open lines on Purchase Orders and their Receiving Transactions.

    The user can also add lines and/or retrieve from additional purchase orders in Business Central.

  3. The indexer then selects an approver to route the invoice to for review and approval. All actions are tracked in the history view for audit purposes.

Invoice Approval

  1. The invoice is set to “Pending” status and the approver has the option to approve, reject or unclaim (typically in the case of an exception, where the invoice needs to be assigned to a different approver).

  2. The invoice is then assigned to a “Ready for ERP” queue, where AP/finance has an opportunity to review or make any final edits to the invoice data before the purchase invoice is created in Business Central.

  3. Approvers will also receive a summary email with a list of invoices that need their approval, and the email will include a link to SimplyAP for quick access.

Transaction Creation

  1. The invoice is then submitted to Business Central, creating a Posted Purchase Invoice, with a link to the invoice in SimplyAP in the FactBox.

  2. When the user clicks “View” in the SimplyAP section of the FactBox, the invoice will display in SimplyAP as posted, with the fields locked to prevent further edits.

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