Sales Process Automation Accelerates Revenue

Case study: how growing organization automates the sales process and improves time to revenue

It is enough of a challenge to track sales orders and see them through to prompt fulfillment when all of your organization’s operations are in one location. Add expansion and growth to the mix, and orders get lost, fulfillment is delayed, revenue is impacted and ultimately, customers are unhappy.

This case study describes one company’s experience with exactly that challenge. The good news is that they were rapidly growing. The issue was that the growth required the addition of a new location, additional sales staff and IT infrastructure expansion. And it all needed to be done in 45 days or less.

They worked with KwikTag to digitize and automate the sales order and fulfillment process and the implementation was smooth and successful, enabling the company to meet their deadline and open the doors of the new location on time!

See for yourself how it was done with sales order process automation with KwikTag.

Read the case study here.