(PART 3) Automation is No Longer a Question of If – or When; It’s How Fast

7 Steps to Proving the ROI of AP Automation for Your Business

Now we’re on to step six and the final part of our three-part blog post on the ROI of AP Automation.

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Download the interactive PDF to follow along; fill in the blanks with your company’s statistics to help build your business case for automation. 

Step Six 

Think about the visibility you have into your invoice approval process (the one we discussed in step four). Do you know where an invoice is at any given time? Is that information easy to find? Do you have any data about the bottlenecks in your process? If you answered ‘no,’ or hesitated to answer any of these questions, it’s time to consider AP automation. 

Similarly, how easy is it for you to find a document related to a question or transaction you’re working on? What if it’s audit season and you need to find supporting documents; how long does that take? If your answer to any of these questions was any more than ‘instantly,’ it’s time to consider AP automation. 

Step Seven 

Step seven is when you put it all together! Think about everything you’ve considered in steps one through six— all of the pain points and the exhaustion you’ve realized is caused by manual paper-based processes in your business. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have complete visibility into your AP process and other documents across your organization? Wouldn’t it be a relief if your data was extracted automatically, and routing for approval was only a click of a button? Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? 

It doesn’t have to be a dream. 

With KwikPayables, you can improve the vision of your company’s growth and success for the future. 

KwikPayables is an accounts payable automation solution designed to provide a completely digital, touchless workflow for payables and purchasing related invoices. All documents that flow through KwikPayables are stored in KwikTag and can be easily searched, shared and audited. 

Digital transformation prepares your business for the changes, growth and ongoing adaptation to the “new normal.” It provides the sense of security that all of your business documents are available to those who need them, when they need them to make decisions. It enables business continuity so that your teams can stay safe and work from anywhere. Finally, it pays for itself quickly, typically in less than one year. There’s no time like the present to get started on your automation journey. 

Learn more about KwikPayables for GP here. 

Watch a video of KwikPayables for GP in action. 

Learn more about KwikPayables for SL here.

Learn more abouKwikTag Document Management for any Dynamics ERP or KwikTag Anywhere, our standalone system.