Nice to Have VS Need to Have

A smart phone or running water? Which would you rather have?


Quick question: if you had to have one or the other, which would you choose: having a smart phone or having electricity in your home?

One more: if you were asked five years ago if you NEEDED a smart phone, what would have said? If you use a smart phone today but were offered an old ‘dumb’ cell phone for free, would you trade down?

Interestingly, history shows us that the adoption if electricity and the telephone took far longer than the adoption of radio, TV and smart phones. Tablets, by comparison, were adopted far more quickly.
So, it is fair to say that NEED TO HAVE technologies aren’t always adopted quickly-and in some cases, their value is only fully appreciated once those technologies are in place.

Here at ImageTag, we get to celebrate witnessing companies radically changing the way they do business once they put our KwikTag document management solution in place. Once they do, it’s not
uncommon for us to hear, “I don’t know how we managed this process before.”

Whether they wanted to simply eliminate the clutter and chaos of paper documents, or wanted to tackle an unruly payables process and eliminate bottlenecks and duplicate data entry, the majority of our customers would never go back to the old way of doing things. Often, when changing jobs or
companies, the first thing they do is give us a call and get KwikTag in place in their new organization.

As a tribute to those people who seem willing to stick with the old way of doing things, the SlideShare presentation highlights some noteworthy quotes by technology leaders who were not the first to grasp the potential of new ways to solve old problems.
If your organization is still doing things the old way, I hope you’ll take a new look at KwikTag.

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