Middle Market Companies WIN When They Play to Their Strengths

Is our understanding of the underdog accurate?  Can a perceived disadvantage or weakness, actually be a hidden strength?  It’s a question that’s been asked ever since David took on Goliath.

For a more modern example—one that is relevant to scrappy start-ups and mid-sized companies poised to take on market leaders—look no further than Vivek Ranadiv, a software entrepreneur who coached a girl’s basketball team to a championship—even though the girls had almost no experience and Ranadiv has experience as a coach.

His secret weapon: a think-outside-the-box approach and a computer algorithm that allowed him to analyze the game and develop a winning strategy.

In this video, Ranadive describes how he applied his competitive business approach to taking on coaching a girl’s basketball team, even though he’d never even TOUCHED a basketball.

His lessons?

  • Think outside the box (Outsmart)
  • Reinvent the rule to play to YOUR unique advantages (Out-manuever)
  • Work harder than everyone else (out-perform)


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