Making the Case For A/P Automation

Persuading Decision Makers to Adopt Process Automation

Let’s face it. You’ve got a tough sell ahead of you. People see accounting, and more specifically, accounts payable, as historically being a cost center with processes that are long-established and, often, time-consuming, but “not broke, so why fix them?”

Up until now, you most likely haven’t had much proof to convince upper management that there is indeed an ROI associated with a new automated system—one which may, at first glance, be perceived as too costly and “not worth it.”

The truth is just the opposite. And, thankfully, it’s right at your fingertips. Now you’ve got substantial help to prove ROI and achieve buy-in when it comes to the value of AP automation.

PayStream Advisors recently released a report intended to help organizations understand the value of AP automation and communicate that value to key decision makers. This report includes several helpful tools for accounting professionals making the case for an investment in AP automation. It explores different scenarios of an AP state before and after automation, and it includes calculators to help demonstrate ROI to any stakeholder.


Download the report here to gain insight on making the case for AP automation within your organization.  And, if you have questions or would like to discuss automating AP, please visit KwikPayables for more info on KwikTag, and simply request a demo. We’ll be in touch from there. And, soon enough, you’ll be ready to make the case for AP automation.