KwikTag Document Management & Cavallo (Previously SalesPad)

Two Great Systems. One Amazing, Integrated Experience.

KwikTag Document Management has one goal: make it easy to find documents that are important to your business. Now, more than ever, as the world continues to work from home, your business needs control, visibility, and secure access to your documents and their processes.

Whether you have paper documents that are delivered to the office or files that are emailed in as attachments, KwikTag makes those documents digital and accessible to anyone in your organization who needs them.

We also have key integrations with other ISVs extending beyond the functionality of Dynamics GP, such as Cavallo (Previously SalesPad)!

Cavallo is a sales management, warehouse management, and customer service system that tracks data from order to distribution, including the finance element. Cavallo integrates with Dynamics GP, as well as KwikTag!

As a Dynamics GP user, with KwikTag, you have the experience inside GP of simply clicking a button to scan, upload or drag-and-drop documents to the relevant transaction. As a Cavallo user, KwikTag boasts that same benefit on the Customer, Sales Document, Purchase Order and Vendor cards. In either case, the documents are stored in KwikTag, which means they are also easily accessible by your staff that do not regularly use GP or Cavallo. In fact, it’s easy to extend KwikTag Document Management across the entire organization, making documents digital for any department.

With KwikTag, you can avoid the painful tasks of chasing down paper files from filing cabinets, storage closets and/or off-site records locations. All of your business documents are digital, secure and available for anyone who has the appropriate permissions to access them. With features including search templates and global content search, you can find documents based on the metadata or specific words or phrases in a file, even if the documents start as paper and are scanned into KwikTag.

KwikTag is integrated into the key screens in Cavallo, including Customer, Sales Document, Purchase Order, and Vendor cards. Users can attach (“Tag”) documents directly from those screens in Cavallo and they will be visible to Cavallo users who are granted permissions to view them.

The Cavallo integration with KwikTag Document Management allows you to preview an image of the document selected, right inside the Cavallo screen. You can also attach, search and retrieve any related documents in KwikTag.

Here are just a few benefits to going digital with KwikTag and Cavallo:

  • With KwikTag, you can improve your team’s efficiency and accuracy from anywhere
  • Gain control of your business with digital documentation at your fingertips through KwikTag
  • Manage your sales order processes with more control with Cavallo
  • Cavallo and KwikTag improve your customer order visibility and related document access

For organizations that are ready to go beyond document management and automate accounts payable or other manual processes, KwikTag can help there too. For invoice workflows, KwikPayables for GP receives invoices digitally, intelligently extracts the relevant invoice data to accelerate the indexing step and routes invoices for email or online review and approval. Once approved, the transactions are automatically created in Dynamics GP for either payables or purchasing transactions. KwikPayables for GP is an intelligent AP automation solution that provides visibility and control over your entire invoice process in real time and makes it easy to get through audits with digital access to documents and their workflow history.

Whether you are just beginning your digital transformation, looking to add the connection of Cavallo to KwikTag, or automate your time-consuming, manual processes, the powerful combination of Cavallo and KwikTag can help get you through the journey and to the right destination.

If you’d like to learn more about how the KwikTag Document Management and Cavallo integration can work for your business, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.