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Today’s Biggest Business Problems Aren’t Just About Paper — They’re About Process

KwikTag solves the most pervasive problem in every department of your organization—the out-of-control flood of email, paper and electronic documents. KwikTag Anywhere delivers a Web-based document management system that’s flexible and powerful enough to manage ANY document-burdnened process.

Gain Control

Eliminate digital and paper clutter and put critical information in the hands of employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. KwikTag makes it easy to email, scan, upload, or fax documents into a central, secure repository. Quickly navigate to documents or search and retrieve them instantly.

Achieve Visibility

KwikTag is the only document management system that intelligently relates all documents in your process for complete, end-to-end visibility.

KwikTag automatically routes documents for approval, with access to related documents, without human intervention. Approvers can review documents and access data from a Web Browser or via email.

Need Cost Effective Process Automation? There’s A KwikApp For That!

The KwikTag platform supports business processes like accounts payable, expense management and contract management by relying on pre-configured components called Kwikapps.

Working with ImageTag, your organization can map out any business process and quickly tailor KwikApp components to create a complete, end-to-end automated process that can implemented quickly and cost effectively.

Examples include:

  • Onboarding (employee / contractor / vendor)
  • Accounts Payable automation
  • Accounts Receivable automation
  • Expense Management
  • Contract Management

Extensive Integration

KwikTag functionality can be extended to other business applications, so you can access documents ANYWHERE regardless of ERP system.

Companies can create their own integrations by leveraging the Kwiktag Software Development Kit (SDK), or rely on ImageTag’s Professional Services team to deliver the integration they need.

Contact your ImageTag representative today and schedule a live demonstration.

  • KwikTag Web-Based Document CaptureSimple, Web-based capture of paper or electronic documents and related data
  • KwikTag AutomationWorkflow automation including web or email routing/approval, automatic alerts
  • KwikTag Case ManagementCase management to handle multi-document or multi-step workflow
  • KwikTag Paper-Driven Automation ProcessForms automation to digitize repeatable, paper-driven processes and to see all related documents in the same view
  • KwikTag Approval CentralApproval Central enables quick, simple review and approval of all documents – invoices, expenses or forms

Immediate Results, Amazing ROI

  • 5

    day average deployment time

  • 90%

    lower document processing costs

  • 80%

    of KwikTag customers achieve ROI in less than a year

  • 50%

    achieve ROI in less than six months

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