Take the Weight Out of Managing Multiple Entities in GP

KwikPayables for GP & Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management

KwikPayables for GP has one major goal: allow your business to streamline your AP process while gaining complete visibility into your workflow processes.

KwikPayables for Dynamics GP is an accounts payable automation solution designed to provide a completely digital, touchless workflow for payables and purchasing related invoices. KwikPayables intelligently extracts invoice data, routes invoices for approval and automatically creates the appropriate GP transactions, with the documents already attached. Available on-prem or as a cloud/SaaS solution, KwikPayables is designed to eliminate manual steps in your AP process, saving time and increasing efficiency in your business.

Most companies who use Dynamics GP use several other solutions that integrate into GP. For example, some companies have multiple entities and need an external solution to help manage their intercompany transactions.

If you’re dealing with multiple entities and the hassle that comes with logging in and out of GP, keeping track of journal entries and reconciliation, there’s Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management (MEM) to help. With Binary Stream MEM, you can streamline intercompany transactions as all of your GP entities or databases are gathered under one “umbrella” with a 360-degree view. Whether your organization runs an on-premises or cloud-based GP solution, Binary Stream MEM easily integrates with your existing system and KwikPayables for GP.

Conveniently enough, KwikPayables for Dynamics GP has a powerful integration with Binary Stream (MEM) in which KwikPayables does the heavy lifting when it comes to managing the invoices associated with multiple entities. With KwikPayables, you can choose your facility ID, department ID, etc the exact same way you’d be doing it in GP with MEM. KwikPayables automates your invoice indexing, routes them for approval, and creates your GP transaction into the proper entity within GP as defined by Binary Stream. The added value of the GP transaction creation by KwikPayables is that the GL distributions include the due-to / due-from allocations, which eliminates the need to create adjusting journal entries or duplicate transactions in different GP companies.

Watch this brief video about the KwikPayables integration with Binary Stream MEM.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using KwikPayables integrated with Binary Stream MEM:

  • Eliminate manual steps in your invoice receipt, coding and approval process with KwikPayables for GP
  • Binary Stream MEM allows you to see all of your GP transactions across different companies in a single view
  • Gain control of your business processes with digital documentation at your fingertips with KwikTag
  • With KwikPayables integrated with Binary Stream MEM, you can automate multi-entity payables and purchasing invoice processing from start to finish

Want to see more? Check out the demo video below.

Whether you are just starting research for your digital transformation or looking to add the integration of Binary Stream MEM to your existing KwikTag solution, KwikTag is here to help you take the next step. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in contact to answer any questions you have or to schedule a demo for you and your team.