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Everyone Needs To Hear This. Paper Receipts Are Not Efficient!

Your accounts payable department has enough to think about on a daily basis to be stressed about who, what, and where dozens of receipts may have come from. Each receipt they receive then needs to be sorted and have its contents transcribed into a document management system. From there–as many of our friends of finance may be familiar with–an expense report has to be created and sent off to either the expense management authorities, Kyle in the AP department, or most commonly, the employee’s direct supervisor.

Following these time-consuming steps, it’s extremely possible your expense report has now been delayed several more weeks and you have no way of making an accurate estimate as to when we will see reimbursement.

This burden doesn’t just frustrate employees, it affects every aspect of your business from a corporate to an accounting standpoint. Oftentimes, managers are forced to wait months before knowing where their expenses lie, while their finance department is shuffling through expense reports by hand and praying they’ve been accounted for. Does the process stop there? Well, of course not! More manual shuffling of paper has to take place prior to expense reports being routed out. All the while, who is checking to ensure these expenses are legitimate? Where is the managerial insight?

Our new KwikExpense document management system offers complete control over your documents, flexibility with your existing management systems, and complete visibility each step of the way as your documents travel through cyberspace. We know managing hundreds or thousands of documents can sometimes get confusing especially when multiple systems or software are being utilized. That’s why KwikTag offers all of your document management needs in one single system!

Any process that your company may need automated, KwikTag has a system for it! We guarantee that we can quickly and efficiently automate any process within your business.

Watch the video below to learn more about our KwikExpense document management system.

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