Process Automation
That Fits Your Business

Tailored KwikApps deliver a flexible, cost-effective solution to the pain out of any document-burdened business process. Built on the KwikTag platform, Tailored KwikApps are configured to deliver business process automation that meets your specific requirements. Beyond A/P automation, expense management and forms-based processes, KwikTag can automate any document in any department in any process.

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Automate Any Business Process with Tailored KwikApps

Business process automation accelerates decisions, increases efficiency and eliminates paper-based bottlenecks. Stop trying to manage your organization with paper forms, inconsistent email communication and outdated templates. Manual processes waste too much time and money. In fact, it can cost as much as 30% of your employees’ time and $125 to find or $350 to replace each document that is lost or delayed in a manual process.

Audit Controls
Pass audits with flying colors with instant access to any document
Regulatory Compliance
Achieve compliance with industry and government regulations
Automated Approval
Eliminate data entry errors with process controls and approval routing
Finance Integration
Associate any document with financial transactions in your ERP
Instant Visibility
Gain 360-degree views of any document, case or process

How Do Tailored KwikApps Work?

Fix broken, manual business process with Tailored KwikApps. It’s the business process automation solution that can be delivered in weeks (not years) and fits in your budget.

  1. Our professional services team discusses and documents your process, including key elements and framework
  2. We work with you to determine the required document types and supporting business data in each process step
  3. We identify your document security needs, process controls and business rules for routing and approval
  4. We examine your reporting needs and integration with other business systems, including Microsoft Dynamics ERPs
  5. Based on your process automation goals, we configure an automated solution in record time without breaking the bank

Examples of Tailored KwikApps that are making people’s lives easier and accelerating their business decisions include:

  • Onboarding Process Automation
  • Sales Order Automation
  • Accounting Process Automation
  • Corporate Process Automation

Why People Choose KwikTag

Efficiency has increased since we implemented KwikTag for Dynamics GP. We can instantly pull up paid invoices electronically within GP.

We eliminated our A/P process bottlenecks and now have 100% visibility into invoices and payments.

Business Process Automation That Fits Any Industry!

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Distribution/Supply
  • Restaurant/Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Insurance

What Else Can I Do with KwikTag?

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