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Expense Management and Reporting

KwikExpense streamlines and automates expense reporting for your entire organization. See how KwikExpense expense management software saves time when submitting and coding receipts, eliminates spreadsheet expense reports and redundant data entry, while resolving expense report approval bottlenecks.

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Take The Hassle Out Of Expense Management

Eliminate spreadsheets and make it easy for employees to digitize receipts from their smartphones, have expense reports automatically created and emailed for approval. Make the approval process easier by giving managers simple, anywhere access to receipts and reports. Give accounts payable visibility and control by allowing them to automatically create expense-related payables transaction entries within Dynamics GP with the click of a button, automatically associating a copy of the expense report to the record.

Mobile Receipts
Eliminate clutter when you capture and route receipts via smartphone
Expense Report Creation
Automatically create expense reports with your digital receipts associated
Easy Approval
Review expense receipts and reports online; approve, reject or delegate
Finance Integration
Credit card integration identifies missing receipts and approval status
Create Transactions
Accounts payable transactions are created automatically in your ERP

How Does KwikExpense Work?

Business professionals who travel for work need an easy way to capture receipts, submit them as part of an expense report and have visibility throughout the entire process. With KwikExpense as your expense management solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP, expense submitters have the easiest experience ever:

  1. Take a picture of your receipts with your phone and email them to KwikExpense
  2. Validate and add receipt data as needed, all connected to Dynamics GP
  3. Create, review and submit your expense report for approval in a single view
  4. Expense report approvers can simply review and approve via email or online

And if your organization uses corporate credit cards, the accounting team has an instant reconciliation process. KwikExpense, the only expense management software that is specifically designed to integrate with Dynamics GP, instantly identifies missing receipts and notifies the corporate card holders. Your accounting team can stay focused on financial processes, analysis and reporting. No more chasing users for receipts or expense reports!

Why People Choose KwikTag

Efficiency has increased since we implemented KwikTag for Dynamics GP. We can instantly pull up paid invoices electronically within GP.

We eliminated our A/P process bottlenecks and now have 100% visibility into invoices and payments.

Automated Expense Management That Fits Any Industry!

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Distribution/Supply
  • Restaurant/Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Insurance

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