Complete Your Document Management System with Process Automation


To get the most out of your KwikTag document management system, while making it easy and affordable to implement, ImageTag offers a range of KwikApps. These applications integrate with KwikTag to provide document management, workflow automation and reporting for a wide range of business processes. Whether managing accounts payable transactions, auditing and maintaining contracts, routing and approving expense reports, or administering HR processes, there’s a KwikApp for that!

Accounts Payable Automation

KwikPayables integrates with your KwikTag document management system to automate invoices and related documents routing and approval throughout the accounts payable process. Gain total visibility and auditability from end-to-end of your workflow.

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Expense Management Automation

KwikExpense integrates with your KwikTag document management system to streamline expense reporting and approval throughout your organization. Submit receipts from a computer or smartphone with no paper delays. Save time, reduce administrative tasks and quickly access any receipt or report from anywhere.

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Forms Management Automation

KwikForms integrates with your KwikTag document management system as the one secure source for all of your business forms, templates and documents that need to be accessible throughout your organization. Use your own corporate templates or create new templates in Word, Excel, Outlook or Adobe. No form builder required.

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Any Business Process Automation

Tailored KwikApps integrate with your KwikTag document management system to automate any business process quickly and cost-effectively. If it’s not one of our “in the box” solutions, we’ll tailor the configuration to meet your “out of the box” business requirements. Examples include sales order processing, contractor onboarding, HR processes and contract management – to name a few.

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