Introducing the New Release of KwikExpense

The KwikTag Expense Management Solution for Dynamics GP

KwikExpense, the newest member of the KwikTag digital transformation family, is being formally launched at #GPUGSummit in Phoenix next week. The revolutionized expense management system is designed to integrate with Dynamics GP like nothing else in the market.

Mid-market and growing organizations struggle to manage expense reports for their employees and independent consultants. Many current processes require expense submitters to gather paper receipts, create manual spreadsheets and mail them to corporate accounting for reimbursement. According to Paystream Advisors, more than 50% of expense reports are still manually processed. KwikExpense will enable expense submitters and accounting teams to save money and pay expenses faster, with complete visibility throughout the process.

KwikExpense enables users to simply capture pictures of their receipts with their phone and email them into the system. With minimal data entry and a few clicks, users select expense data that is connected to Dynamics GP to code their receipts. Expense reports are created and routed for approval with KwikExpense, presenting a combined report that includes the receipt images, to the report approver(s). Upon final approval, the expense report is sent to Dynamics GP as a Payables Transaction Entry, where AP users can easily review the report and receipts as part of the transaction.

For corporate card users, KwikExpense presents the transaction data, and users need to enter event less receipt data. The corporate card reconciliation for accounting and finance teams eliminates many steps they currently face with manual processes.

“We built the new version of KwikExpense specifically for Dynamics GP users,” says Mary Miller, director of marketing for KwikTag. “Based on our customers’ feedback, many of whom use KwikTag for accounts payable automation, we are delivering an end-to-end expense management experience and the integration they need for GP.”

“Since the ImageTag and enChoice merger earlier this year, we have been very focused on enhancing our current products while also building for the future,” adds Mike Fernandes, VP of product development for enChoice. “The new release of KwikExpense is just the beginning, as we continue to invest resources to expand our presence in the Dynamics market and the digital transformation space.”

KwikExpense requires the latest release of ktX, the KwikTag platform and universal Web client. The product will be demonstrated in the KwikTag booth, number 727, at the Microsoft Dynamics User Group Summit next week in Phoenix, Arizona.