Introducing: KwikTag for D365 Finance

Document Management for D365 Finance is Now Available

Here at KwikTag, we are overjoyed to announce our newest product, KwikTag for D365 Finance. This is the most highly-anticipated release of the year, and we’re so excited to share it with our friends and family (prospects and customers, really, but you’re more than that to us, of course).

KwikTag for D365 Finance is our coolest product yet, existing entirely within the cloud-based Dynamics system of Microsoft.

So, here’s what’s cool about it.

KwikTag for D365 Finance is the strongest document management system that allows users to easily capture documents and related content for transactions in D365. D365 and KwikTag are seamlessly integrated for ease of document access and is user-friendly, so even non-D365 users can find and access documents. KwikTag is directly integrated with more than 60 D365 pages, allowing easy access to any and all documents. Users don’t even have to leave D365 to search or store related content.

KwikTag for D365 boasts the powerful ability to search, retrieve, and share documents in or out of D365 based on customizable search criteria. Beyond that, KwikTag users have the ability to search and locate documents related to specific transaction and add a “link” to other documents relevant to the given transaction.


Now, this is cool. It’s our favorite part.

We’ve also re-introduced a unique feature called KwikTag Intelliview™, which allows users to attach documents to a transaction, and then KwikTag automatically links related documents throughout a transaction lifecycle. This eliminates the need to manually “link” documents. We’ve saved you time, and made your life even better!

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