Introducing KTX from KwikTag!

Next Generation Document Management – Any Document, Any Process, Anywhere

KwikTag is introducing its latest release – KTX!

What is KTX? No, it’s not a fruity device. Not a video game either. Nor a superhero looking guy.

KTX will make YOU look like a superhero in your organization though. It unites purpose-built, super-fast professional clients that mirror Dynamics GP and SL for the accounting user responsible for indexing invoices with a newly designed web interface for document approval that is accessible in any browser, from anywhere. KTX will truly revolutionize the way you think about document management and business process automation.

First let’s take a look at the new KwikTag Anywhere client. We have radically redesigned the KwikTag Anywhere Web interface, taking a leap forward in ease of use and functionality. This HTML5-based, responsive-design interface is for online invoice approval or access to other documents in KwikTag. You’ll notice the speed and responsiveness right away, as well as new options for document versions and associations. If you’re already a KwikPayables user, you’ll see how fast and intuitive the new KwikTag Anywhere client is, and if you’re just getting started with accounts payable automation – check it out. Watch now.

Now let’s take a look at the GP Pro Client and what is new for your GP power users.

With the KwikTag GP Pro Client, our new interface designed for A/P staff to quickly and easily index invoices, you will experience the closest thing to being in GP directly, only without needing to be a GP user. The new GP Pro Client integrates directly with GP and includes support for International currencies and tax schedules, Intercompany transactions, multiple account types and analytical accounting – to name a few. You can save a ton of time that used to be spent doing data entry as well, with the new template feature. Enter your most common vendor invoices once and save them as templates for future use!

Finally, let’s talk SL and how KwikTag will help you go Pro.

KwikPayables for SL with the SL Professional Client is the only complete A/P automation solution designed specifically for SL users – from data entry to automatic creation of the Voucher and Adjustment Entry transaction in SL. The user interface looks and feels just like SL and directly connects to SL to populate invoice data fields. Invoice approval routing, just as with KwikTag for GP, applies your business process workflow to automatically route invoices through multiple levels of approval (as required), which eliminates the need to print invoices and chase approvers! You’ll find templates in SL just as easy too.

In a nutshell, KTX is the next step in bringing paperless, easy to manage, process automation to your entire organization.

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