ImageTag Partner Spotlight


You’d think in a country with only 65,000 people, and spread across a mere 21 square miles, and with no natural resources of their own, that Bermuda would be a challenging market in which to grow a Dynamics consulting business. And you’d be right.

What you may not know is that Bermuda is blessed with the highest Gross Domestic Product per capita and Gross National Income of any sovereign country in the world – by a large margin.

But that did not protect Bermuda from suffering a difficult economic downturn during the global recession. It’s finally this year that economists are predicting Bermudian GDP will resume growth once again.

Through it all, Emergence Corp. has been the dominant Dynamics Consultancy on the island. They boast several hundred companies as clients and have been operating in Bermuda for more than two decades (previously as MCS until 2009).

Emergence has gained the trust of insurance companies, banks, importers, business services companies, and government entities by building great relationships and always putting the customer first.

That’s why Emergence partnered with KwikTag six years ago to provide document management and business process automation solutions to their esteemed clients. In that time, we’ve closed more than a fair amount of business together.

In late April I visited Emergence to present at their annual client Summit. I came away impressed (once again) with the quality of human beings representing Emergence at all levels; from visionary and tireless founders Jads and Tim, to their head of sales Daryl, to their Customer Account Manager & Marketing head Chantelle to their front office administrator Johnae, and more.

With excellent attendance and an exceptional level of decision makers present at the Emergence event, I left the island having generated four new opportunities and gotten exposure to several more.

It’s clear to me that our partnership has weathered the downturn and has, umm, emerged (pun intended) even stronger.

-Jon Michaels