How to Remove the Hassle of Expense Management

Improve Your Regular Accounting Functions With KwikTag

If your business has regular accounting functions and is looking for ways to improve, KwikTag’s KwikExpense expense management software is for you!

KwikTag is trusted amongst record-breaking institutes all over the nation for our unparalleled mastery of document management systems. We make it possible for companies to automate any paper-ridden process they may be faced with. Whether its daily document management or accounts payable automation processes, KwikTag has a solution for you. 

KwikTag enables businesses to eradicate confusing spreadsheets by digitizing receipts and making them smartphone accessible. This means that expense management can happen as fast as you can take a snapshot with your phone. Pretty cool, right?

If you’re looking to get more out of your current document management system, KwikTag has been superbly engineered to integrate with any pre-existing document management or ERP system. Just to name a few, our software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, NAV, AX, and (newest of all) Dynamics 365 Finance.

In addition to our current outstanding features, KwikTag is constantly being updated to encompass even more needs that our customers desire. Our latest version of KwikExpense includes the Mobile Client which allows employees to quickly capture and submit receipts into our system via iOS or Android.

Not to mention, KwikTag fits in with any industry seeking process automation. Here are a few industries we provide services for:


You name it, KwikTag can automate it!

Eliminate the unnecessaryhassle of expense management with KwikTag! Automate any paper process and improve employee satisfaction today!

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