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How many enterprise document management systems do you need? ONE

KwikTag is the enterprise document management system gold standard for healthcare. When you need to find critical documents - patient records, provider and vendor billing information, practitioner and contractor files, authorization forms and other healthcare documents - they should be at your fingertips. Eliminate the stress and frustration associated with late payments and angry providers. Stop suffering from inefficient, manual paper-based processes. And you can - with KwikTag.

A/P Automation in GP

Invoice Workflow Automation

Processing and paying vendor invoices is time-sensitive and often care-dependent. If payments are not made on time, patients may not receive proper treatment or be authorized for necessary care and procedures.

KwikTag can automate your accounting processes so that your office, clinic or hospital is no longer chasing paper and hunting in file cabinets or mail rooms. Accounts payable automation makes invoices and other documents available at your fingertips, with complete audit trail, in KwikTag. Learn more.

Healthcare Forms Management

Medical and healthcare forms can pile up quickly and get lost. For printed forms, this is certainly the case, yet even digital forms can be hard to find because they are stored in disparate environments, on the workstation desktops of the staff and in many different shared drives. Medical forms need to be easy to find, share, track and manage once they are completed, without needing rooms and rooms of paper files.

KwikTag can manage any form, in any department across the organization. You can use your own templates, no additional software required. Simply send the healthcare form directly from KwikTag to the staff or patient that needs to complete it. Once complete, it can be emailed back to KwikTag for secure storage and access. If it needs approval, KwikTag can manage the workflow. Learn more.

Contractor Expense Management

When you have independent contractors, third-party service providers or care facilities that submit expenses, it is difficult to keep up with the paper trail of receipts, expense reports and mileage tracking. Yet, your organization depends on these providers to care for your patients and support your medical staff. So, it is essential that you pay them quickly with expense reimbursements.

KwikTag makes expense submission and expense report creation easy. Simply take a picture of the receipt with a smartphone and email it. Expense reports are created automatically and routed for approval. The accounting team's credit card reconciliation is a snap, too. Learn more.

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