FAQ: KwikPayables for Dynamics GP

KwikTag Has Answered the Most Frequently Asked Questions About KwikPayables

KwikPayables is an accounts payable automation solution that provides a digital, touchless workflow experience for payables and purchasing related invoices. KwikPayables intelligently extracts invoice data, routes invoices for approval and automatically creates the appropriate GP transactions, with the documents already attached.

If you’ve ever had a question about how KwikPayables for Dynamics GP can work for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Check out the collection of frequently asked questions below to learn more about KwikPayables.


Can you have multiple approvals?

Yes, KwikPayables for GP allows multiple approvers in tiers of approval or with approver groups. Approval workflow is configured based on your process requirements.


Can Approvers be defaulted by vendor or GL Account segment?

Approval routing with KwikPayables can be configured based on multiple criteria. We will work with each client to determine the best options for their invoice process automation.


Can the approver be set as a default based on specific invoice data or amount?

Approval routing with KwikPayables can be configured based on multiple criteria and our services team will recommend best practices during implementation. The most common automatic default routing is based on dollar amount, when approval thresholds are in place for certain levels in the organization.


Do all of my users have the same kind of access in KwikPayables? Is there a way to restrict/specify user access?

KwikPayables supports multiple user types and they do not all have to be the same. For example, AP users will have full access to KwikPayables workflow information, as well as KwikTag document management functions in Dynamics GP, whereas invoice approvers may only need access to review and approve invoices or search for documents.


Who all is able to code invoices in the process?

The KwikPayables workflow process is configured to meet your requirements for indexing, coding, review and approval. While it is common for the AP team to manage the GL coding, approvers can be set up to edit, add or redistribute amounts across GL codes. Many AP teams also prefer to conduct a final GL coding review, especially if approvers can edit the codes.


Can KwikPayables remember codes for a vendor & account number, so last month’s comes up?

KwikPayables for GP has a real-time connection to GP, and GL defaults on your Vendor card will automatically display.

In addition, the option to have the most recently used GL Codes for a specific vendor is on the roadmap.


How is KwikTag communicating with our GP instance?

KwikTag and KwikPayables for GP utilizes a combination of GP eConnect as well as direct SQL calls to maintain a real-time connection with Dynamics GP.


Can data be exported to a report for auditors?

Any data that is stored in KwikTag can be exported, reported on or made available in search results for auditors, or other reference purposes. KwikTag also offers an “auditor license” that provides view-only access for a temporary period when you need quick access during audits.


As each person adds workflow comments, does it append with a date/timestamp? or is it just paragraph format – e.g. how do you know who wrote what comment?

As documents are routed through KwikTag workflow, any approver comments are noted with a date/time stamp and user who made them at each step in the process.


Does Kwik Tag work with or recommend payment processor?

KwikTag has an integration to display the documents within Mekorma for the payment types they support.

We also recommend specific payment providers based on the clients’ requirements.


Does KwikPayables support Multi-currency?

Yes, KwikPayables for GP supports Multi-currency.


Does the email functionality (approve / reject) work outside of Outlook?

Yes, as long as the email client can accept standard HTML template email messages.


Can AP batches be processed by date?

As KwikPayables sends approved invoices to GP, the user selects which batch to use and has the option to create a new GP batch, so that Payables and Purchasing transactions are created into your desired batch.


What is the long-term retention of the documents?

KwikTag can be deployed either on-premises or in the KwikTag Cloud. If on-premises, your document retention policies should be applied to your KwikTag environment. If in the KwikTag Cloud, we will honor the clients’ retention and archive requirements.


With everything stored in the KT server, how is that maintained? Backed up? If we restore our database does that affect the KT data?

When KwikTag is managed on-premises by your IT team, the metadata, user data and workflow data is all maintained and stored in the KwikTag database and should be included in any standard backup procedures that are done on your in-house servers and databases. The documents themselves, any log files or KwikTag scheduled database backups are stored on the KwikTag server and include some scheduled, pre-configured KwikTag database backups. Anything else should be subject to any standard backup procedures by in-house IT team as well.


If we already have KwikPayables for GP, can we add ktIQ?

Absolutely. It is quick, easy and affordable to add ktIQ to your KwikPayables for GP solution.


How does ktIQ affect the function of KwikPayables for GP?

ktIQ is the intelligent data extraction module that integrates with KwikPayables for GP. In addition to reading key data on the invoice, ktIQ connects with GP in real time to populate additional invoice fields. The result is that the indexing step is done automatically, which practically eliminates data entry for AP staff. It also increases the data accuracy, because ktIQ uses both artificial intelligence (AI) and GP data to validate the invoice information. In short, ktIQ accelerates the invoice indexing step with great confidence in the invoice data so it can quickly by routed for review and approval.


ktIQ seems great for high volume invoices, but what about small companies with less volume?

Unlike traditional OCR systems that require extensive setup, vendor templates and confidence training of character recognition, ktIQ is built using AI models and can be configured very quickly and affordably. ktIQ is a cloud-based service module designed specifically to work with KwikPayables for GP and integrates directly with your current workflows and GP system. As a result, any enhancements to the ktIQ module can be applied very quickly.


How long does it take to set up ktIQ?

ktIQ can be added in just a few weeks, or less, with the availability of the right members of the project team.


How long is implementation for KwikPayables?

KwikPayables can be implemented in as little as a few weeks or can take a couple of months. The factors include the availability of the customer implementation team, testing cycles and workflow updates that may be required throughout the process. Our Professional Services team will assign a dedicated project manager who is responsible for managing the entire implementation to ensure successful completion, including change management and team training.


Can KwikTag host in the cloud so our IT team doesn’t have to manage it?

Yes, KwikTag Cloud supports document management for Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Business Central, D365 Finance as well as our stand-alone system, KwikTag Anywhere. KwikPayables for GP can also be delivered by KwikTag as a SaaS solution. With KwikTag Cloud, the entire IT environment as well as your documents are managed and supported in the cloud, with no IT resources needed from your team.


How is product support handled?

KwikTag Support is included in the Support and Maintenance agreement for perpetual licensing as well as in KwikTag SaaS and Subscription agreements. Support is available by phone, email and online at www.kwiktag.com/support. Standard Support hours are 6:00AM-6:00PM (AZ) Monday through Friday. KwikTag Support is in Tempe, Arizona.


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