Making Business Expense Management and Reporting Simple

Automate Expense Management and Expense Reports for Your Business

Expense management gets more expensive for organizations every day. Every day that it is still managed on paper, that is. For smaller companies with limited travel and expense reports, it is critical to maintain tight margins. In mid-size and larger companies it is easy for costs to get out of control without visibility, and the impact sneaks up on them at quarter or year-end. And every company is concerned about proper reporting for audit purposes!

Now is a great time to assess your business expense management processes, expense reports and related controls to get your house in order at the beginning of the year.

PayStream Advisors recently conducted a study on expense management and reporting, its current state and the impact automation of expense reporting can have on a business.┬áThe results are enlightening, and if you manage expense reports, hopefully you’ll find some tips you can put to use right away.

Read the report to gain insight on:


  • Current Expense Reporting Trends in the Professional┬áServices Industry
  • P2P Automation of Expense Management and Reporting
  • Expense Management Software Adoption Best Practices
  • A Leading Expense Reporting Software Provider with Professional Services Experience

Download the report here and if you have questions or would like to discuss automating expense management and reporting at your company, please visit KwikExpense for more info on KwikTag and request a demo.