Evolve Your Office With Forms Automation

Randy Eckel, CEO, ImageTag

As we have discussed in previous posts, the vast majority of our new solution ideas come from our customers. For example, we developed our expense management solution, KwikExpense, when we learned that the majority of our customers were still using manual processes to file, reconcile and pay expense reports.

The solution ideas keep pouring in and continue to inspire us. At the top of the list is the request for “forms automation”, especially HR forms automation. I’m pleased to note that KwikTag has the right tools to create a high value yet affordably priced HR forms automation solution. This application layers on top of our core document management platform.

So that’s what we are introducing…


  • Single source for all of your forms – KwikTag provides a secure, easy to use “repository of record” for your current form templates.
  • Native application form completion – Fast, easy way to load the form template in its native application, complete and submit it for approval.
  • Microsoft Office integration – Our new KwikDocs client (stay tuned for more information on KwikDocs in the near future) interfaces directly with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook for quick, secure forms editing.
  • Complete visibility – The submitter is kept in the loop at each process step.
  • Document security – Sensitive HR information is kept secure and access-controlled through its entire life cycle. Forms are saved only on our secure server.
  • KwikTag Electronic Employee File – Approved forms live in a secure KwikTag Case File with user or group level permission-based access.
  • Business application integration – Upon request, we can integrate KwikForms with other business systems for quick and simple data entry.

KwikForms is another example of what KwikTag does best. When it comes to documents of any type, we empower you to securely manage and automate your business processes:

  • Move
  • Approve
  • Track
  • Inform
  • Prompt
  • Reconcile
  • Integrate

Contact us to learn how we can automate your HR forms processes, or any area of your business.

– Randy



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