Paving Process and Productivity for Enterprise Document Management

Are your enterprise processes and document management systems in desperate need of revival? Employees bogged down by the archaic process of scanning, rescanning and misplacing critical business documents? Has information exchange crippled the progress of your enterprise as a whole?

Considered KwikTag?

Transactional Content Management

KwikTag is an innovative transactional content management system that streamlines document imaging, search and retrieval, and business process management.

With KwikTag, there’s no risk of clutter, lost files or misplaced information — especially confidential enterprise data.

KwikTag is an intuitive software for enterprise document management that easily puts documents in a digital format. This process not only paves the way for a productive workflow, but enables web-access and multiple touch points to your enterprise data, freeing employees from the paper burden of traditional, outdated document management practices.

Visibility and Access

The age of file folders is long gone. The digital age demands visibility and access that only KwikTag can provide. From automatically linking related documents to documenting their alerts, actions and reports, KwikTag is the ultimate in enterprise document management.

KwikTag provides:

  • Process history and reports visibility
  • Efficiency in information interaction and exchange
  • Web-based management possibilities
  • Multi-document, multi-decision processes
  • And more.

So stop stalling. Revamp your enterprise by revisiting your document management processes. KwikTag will streamline your efforts and satisfy your enterprise needs.