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Hack Through Document Clutter and Get Greater Performance from Dynamics GP

KwikTag for GP delivers instant access to scanned paper and electronic files anywhere within Dynamics GP. KwikTag extends access to a Web browser — so even your non-GP users can get teh information they need, wherever they need it. Beyond document capture, KwikTag for GP offers powerful workflow for automating any document-drive business process.

Radically Simplify Data Entry and Document Capture

Capture paper and electronic files without slowing down data entry.

With KwikTag for GP, your GP users can associate documents to GP transactions quickly and easily. Select the “Tag” menu item from GP forms to capture paper or electronic files. Scan your paper documents at your convenience and KwikTag automatically associates them with the right GP transaction. For electronic files, simply browse or drag-and-drop from any GP form. Over 75 GP forms are available out of the box — with support for custom forms or fields.

Instant Access to Your Documents and Files

Access everything directly from Dynamics GP — or from a Web browser

View ALL transaction-related documents and files with the click of a button, making payables or receivables matching a breeze. Or, search for documents globally by keyword or related GP data. All documents are securely stored on you KwikTag server, without impacting the performance of your GP system.

Automate AP, T&E or Any Document-Driven Process

Optional KwikApps automate business processes for a fraction of the time and cost

The KwikTag workflow platform includes built-in functionality allowing you to gain control of data, documents, and decisions.

ImageTag KwikApps take advantage of the KwikTag workflow platform and include preconfigured workflow, advanced ERP integration and reporting for common business processes.

For example, KwikPayables for GP delivers invoice automation with Intelligent Cloud Capture to eliminate data entry. KwikExpense automates travel and expense management. KwikContracts manages contract approvals. Once you have the KwikTag platform, each additional KwikApp is a small incremental investment.

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  • KwikTag IconDynamics-integrated and stand-alone document management platform
  • DocumentRetrieval IconEasily access scanned paper or electronic files from Dynamics GP
  • DocumentAssociations IconSee all related documents wherever you need them
  • casemanagementicon iconCase management delivers complete visibility to every document and workflow action
  • WebDataAccess IconDocument access for BOTH ERP and non-ERP users

Immediate Results, Amazing ROI

  • 5

    day average deployment time

  • 90%

    lower document processing costs

  • 80%

    of KwikTag customers achieve ROI in less than a year

  • 50%

    achieve ROI in less than six months

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