Document Management Without the Print Button

What’s a form but another piece of paper? It doesn’t have to be.

We are so conditioned to hit the “PRINT” button, we don’t stop to think about whether we actually need to have access to a “physical version” of a form.

In fact, according to the Association for Information and Image Management (, 82% of documents are printed, whether a person needs it or not.

Why? Because that’s the way we’ve always done it. Whether you needed a physical record or not.

Certain industries do require printed documentation for auditing and compliance purposes. However, many of them now find electronic documents acceptable, as long as the process by which such documents can be accessed, verified and stored is clearly documented and followed.

In Randy’s recent post about accelerating business process automation KwikForms, he teased us with the concept of KwikDocs, yet another solution that prevents the need to hit “PRINT”.

While we’ll learn more about KwikDocs in the near future, we couldn’t wait to share with you that this application will natively integrate with any Office application you currently use. You’ll be able to drag and drop your document or spreadsheet straight into KwikTag (no printing, tagging or scanning required). Don’t like your mouse? Simply save the file to KwikTag – and you’re done.

Get your life back, and save some trees at the same time. KwikTag can help. Let’s make it a digital day!