KwikTag: The Document Management Solution

Are you tired of stacks of paper climbing higher and higher in every corner of your office? Sick of file cabinets and dividers? Losing precious moments searching for crucial documents?

Sounds like you are in dire need of a document management solution.

The Answer is Digital Documents

KwikTag is a fresh take on the traditional process of scanning and sorting. This innovative document management solution uses distributive capture design to put your documents in a digital format. This approach eliminates the tiresome process of manually organizing documents and rids your workplace of unnecessary paper burdens. KwikTag can:

  • Automatically associate related files
  • Handle multi-document and multi-decision process
  • Record process history, actions and reports
  • Increase document visibility and access
  • Establish web-based touch points
  • Streamline document imaging, search and retrieval

Save Time and Space

Free up your workplace with KwikTag. You’ll not only rid the office of paper clutter, but you’ll give your employees the freedom they need to make decisions and conduct their daily responsibilities. There is no reason they need to be slowed down by traditional scanning and sorting measures. Just like the name implies, KwikTag is quick and easy and sure to be an office hit.