Launch Into the Age of Digital Document Management

File cabinets, loose papers and clutter are out.

The age of digital document management is upon us — and business couldn’t be happier.
If you’re company is still stuck in the dark ages, it’s time to launch into a better era.

Transactional Content Management

Traditional file cabinets and paper trails lack room for innovation. Dividers and compartments only go so far. With KwikTag, you can convert your physical files into digital files and open up the door to transactional content management. The software:

  • Promotes easy access and retrieval of files
  • Maintains the organization of digital documents
  • Automatically files similar documents and content
  • Creates digital touch points of files
  • Keeps transaction details and history
  • Streamlines employee productivity
  • Keeps sensitive data secured and backed up

Stop wasting space and energy. Digital is dynamically better.

Cut the Clutter

Digital document management with KwikTag eliminates the risk of misplacing files and clogging up workflow processes. This digital document system uses a distributive capture feature that simplifies the ugly process of traditional scanning.

With KwikTag, your office will steer clear of paper clutter and your employees will be more effective than ever before. There is no reason your workforce should be bogged down with the archaic process of manual paper filing and storage.

Empower your enterprise with KwikTag.