KwikTag Product Vision and Roadmap

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KwikTag T3: Our Vision for Transactional Content Management

In 2011, ImageTag released KwikTag T3 for new customers, evolving its document management solution into a platform for creating innovative transactional content management applications. KwikTag T3 will be available for existing customers in a spring 2012 Compatibility Release, after upgrade tools and utilities, and additional features and fixes for existing customers are added.

As a platform, KwikTag T3 allows ImageTag and its partners to create applications (called KwikApps) that are tailored to the needs of specific departmental processes or the unique case management needs of a particular industry.

KwikTag T3 builds upon a solid foundation of ImageTag’s document management technology, while allowing partners and ISVs to leverage their domain expertise to add value to the solution for their customers and target markets. By creating a platform that is flexible enough to meet a broad range of department and industry demands, ImageTag is well positioned to deliver powerful, practical transactional content management solutions to the mid-market.

Beyond technology and infrastucture, KwikTag T3 provides a more flexible user interface that can be personalized to the needs of each individual user. By relying on Microsoft Silverlight, KwikTag T3 delivers the accessibility and simplicity of a Web browser with the performance and functionality of a desktop client. But that’s just the beginning.

KwikTag T3 Transactional Case Management

The real challenge for managing documents as part of any transactional process is the coordination and correlation of multiple documents and multiple routing and approval steps. For complex processes, where there are numerous stakeholders across multiple departments, KwikTag T3 delivers case management tools that make it easier to track and manage the data, documents and decisions that define a complex case throughout its lifecycle.

From scanned paper documents to electronic records

In an era where paper and electronic documents are intermingled with purely data-driven transactions, KwikTag T3 has been architected to support any form of transactional record. Whether an organization relies on scanned paper to electronic documents, e-mail or ERP-generated data to inform and define a transaction, KwikTag T3 is capable of managing, routing and providing an audit trail for those transactional elements. By interacting with other business systems that drive the process, KwikTag T3 can bridge a critical gap that today is filled by error-prone, manual processes.

From Microsoft Dynamics to any business data system

While ImageTag maintains a strong commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics community, we acknowledge that companies using Dynamics also rely on multiple other systems to manage and maintain their businesses. KwikTag T3 is designed to interact with a broad range of business systems and Web-based applications to document-enable those systems, while extending access and visibility to documents and data derived from those systems via KwikTag.

By leveraging the KwikTag T3 platform, ImageTag has focused its roadmap on developing a portfolio of applications to support the broadest range of departmental and industry-specific transactional content business needs.

Departmental applications like KwikPayables (for AP), KwikSOP (for sales order processing) and KwikHR are available today for ImageTag customers. ImageTag partners and ISVs are actively being recruited and educated so they can capitalize on the power of KwikTag T3 to build their own applications.

Wherever there are documents, data and decisions to be made, there will be a KwikApp to streamline the process.

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