Step 2: KwikTag T3 Upgrade Options

Virtual or Hardware

ImageTag offers the virtual image on a thumb drive ready for installation, or pre-configured on hardware purchased from us. There is no additional charge for the virtual software, but you will need a Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system license.

Hardware costs are as follows:

  • Tier 1 Physical Appliance – $4,000 plus $500/year support and maintenance
  • Tier 2 Physical Appliance – $6,700 plus $800/year support and maintenance


Because T3 includes a new user interface, ImageTag-provided training is recommended and is included in the base upgrade package. This includes administrator training and end-user training with a small number of “lead” users who will then train others in your organization. Other means of free training such as group or recorded video will also be developed and offered.

We can customize training packages and offer you additional training to suit your specific needs including remote, on-site, large groups or individualized sessions.

Business Process Analysis

A Business Process Analysis session is also included in the base upgrade package, to be performed at a later time after the upgrade is complete. This consulting session evaluates current usage of KwikTag and document-driven business processes to focus on where processes can be improved and streamlined with or without KwikTag functionality. Let our experience with document management and workflow help you improve your business, save time and money.

Additional Services

For all upgrades, it is necessary to evaluate the technical environment, such as software and operating system versions, KwikTag features and integrations to third-party applications. Upgrade pricing is based on environment, and subject to change; an exact upgrade quote will be provided following an upgrade scoping call. If you wish to purchase additional software functionality, such as KwikApps™, we will consult with you and prepare a quote if necessary.

Please fill out the KwikTag T3 Upgrade Technical Questionnaire and consult with us for a specific quote.

What’s Next?

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