KwikTag T3 Upgrade for 3.x Customers

ImageTag strives to provide valuable transactional content management solutions that fulfill your requirements and earn the continued loyalty of all of our customers. Customer feedback drove the enhancements in the KwikTag T3 release, and it is our goal to make an upgrade to the T3 release easy and affordable for every customer as this not only increases customer satisfaction with KwikTag, but frees support time and effort to be channeled into further development of products and services.

KwikTag T3 has a lot of new functionality and options with an architecture that supports our core technology goals including flexibility, extensibility and continued low cost and evolution to the future. Because the underlying technology has advanced over the years, a migration is necessary to upgrade to the T3 platform. Please note that price is based on environment, and subject to change. An exact quote will be provided following an upgrade scoping call.

The KwikTag Appliance

The KwikTag Appliance is a pre-configured Microsoft Hyper-V™ or VMware® virtual environment delivered on a thumb drive for installation on your existing hardware, or pre-staged on hardware you purchase from ImageTag. Based on Microsoft technologies, this turnkey solution includes the components of the KwikTag system: application, database, repository, system services, eGate™ electronic and paper data and image processing engine, ERP, Web and administrative clients and integration services. Because the Appliance is a virtual image, you get all the advantages of virtual environments including maximizing hardware usage, ease of backup, maintenance, deployment portability, and disaster recovery planning. Virtual software is becoming an industry standard and is a good way to keep total cost of ownership low.

KwikTag T3 Upgrade Costs

For all upgrades, it is necessary to evaluate the technical environment, such as software and operating system versions, KwikTag features and integrations to third-party applications. Upgrade pricing is based on environment, and subject to change; an exact upgrade quote will be provided following an upgrade scoping call. If you wish to purchase additional software functionality, such as KwikApps™, we will consult with you and prepare a quote if necessary.

In step 3, you will fill out a T3 Upgrade Technical Questionnaire and this will assist us in preparing a scope and specific quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m upgrading my Dynamics server to Windows Server 2008. Do I have to upgrade to T3?

No. KwikTag runs outside of your Dynamics server and it therefore does not matter what version of Windows your Dynamics server uses.

I want to upgrade the KwikTag Database to SQL 2008. Do I have to upgrade to T3?

Yes. KwikTag 3.x does not support SQL 2008. Please review your upgrade options in this document for upgrading to T3 in a new virtual environment or on new server hardware purchased from ImageTag.

What’s Next?

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