KwikTag T3 Upgrade Information

Thank you for your interest in upgrading to KwikTag T3!  We have created a series of resources and pages to inform you of your upgrade options and guide you to an upgrade choice that meets your needs.

First, let’s review why you would want to upgrade:

  • New functionality including multi-document case folder management, greatly enhanced workflow with cases and smartphone approvals, automatic indexing from emails, and much more
  • KwikApps value-priced applications for Purchasing/Accounts Payable, Sales Order Processing, Human Resources and more on the way
  • Updated technology platform including Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL 2010, additional REST and web services APIs with backward compatibility to older APIs, additional integration services and a Silverlight-based web client

Read more about KwikTag T3 features and updates in the KwikTag T3 for Customers Brochure.

Follow these guided steps to get started with your upgrade

OverviewRequirementsOptionsOrder Package

View an 8 minute video demonstration of KwikTag Anywhere T3


View a 6 minute video demonstration of the KwikPayables Invoice Routing & Approval Workflow KwikApp


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