Customer Spotlight: Creative Solutions in Healthcare

You Can Make More & Do Less: A Digital Transformation Experience

At User Group Summit 2019, KwikTag’s own Director of Marketing and Channel, Mary Miller presented an interactive case study featuring Diana Garrett, the AP Director / Project Manager for Creative Solutions in Healthcare. The purpose of the study was to highlight a real-world success story surrounded by KwikTag’s automation solutions.


Creative Solutions in Healthcare is the second largest long term care company in Texas. They currently have 77 long term care houses, and nine assisted living facilities. They boast over 6,000 employees total, 200 of whom are in their corporate office.

So here’s the beginning of their journey…

Their goal was to bring a manual, distributed accounting process into a central location, even though they have multiple entities, to increase visibility and efficiency for everyone on their team.

Starting out, Creative Solutions in Healthcare was operating on GP 2010, which was outdated and unsupported. They had a custom accounts payable software that was in the same shape—obsolete. They were receiving 8,000-10,000 invoices PER MONTH across 98 entities. All of their invoice routing was manual.


Creative Solutions in Healthcare researched and demoed several products for over a year before finally choosing KwikTag, which could not only provide a solution for their current needs, but would also scale and grow with their business processes. Diana Garrett claims they “needed a product that they could grow into,” and the KwikTag product allows that, and then some. KwikTag offered them flexible invoice capture and workflow automation that worked with their multi-entity and customization needs.

“I hadn’t had any other company [that was] willing, or able, to accommodate me, and KwikTag did… in a big way.” Diana Garrett stated during the session.

Creative Solutions in Healthcare upgraded to GP 2016 and implemented KwikTag in two simple phases. Their nine-step process became a four-step process from invoice receipt to posting. They reduced paper utilization to 12%, while increasing their productivity by 52%! During the session, Diana Garrett mentions that they were able to submit more invoices for approval in five minutes than they were able to do in TWO HOURS before KwikTag.

So, what now? What comes next?

Creative Solutions in Healthcare celebrated their one year “anniversary” with KwikTag this October. They continue to grow at a 400% growth rate. They currently have 117 entities (an increase from their implementation last October), AND they’re adding three more on November 1, two more on December 1, and two more on February 1, 2020.

To hear the full story, watch the breakout session here.


Looking for a shorter version of the story? Watch our Coffee With KwikTag video here.

Download the case study here.

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